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Salomon Amaya

Salomon Amaya at Dallas Salsa Congress











Dallas Salsa Congress 

About Salomon Amaya
Born and raised in Houston, Texas from Mexican Salvadorian descent Salomon has always been around Latin music. Although admitting that he was not a dancer in his childhood he now cannot live with out it. Surrounded with Mexican and Caribbean music through his childhood he was well aware of his roots.

Even though he did not begin dancing Latin first, he was dancing. Hip-hop and break dancing became his life. Practicing daily to improve skills and becoming the best. Soon he became a well know and respected B Boy.

After several severe injuries he was unable to dance to his full capacity leaving him open to new adventures. This is when he stumbled into the Latin scene where he first saw salsa danced like never before. Being left in awe he decided to master this new dance. Thus beginning a new life of a SALSA addict. He soon became a regular at the clubs on the sidelines observing all the Salseros.

Shortly after discovering his new found passion he united with his first dance partner. They entered several dance competitions to gain experience and improve Salsa skills daily. Soon after he meet his present dance partner, and has continued to expand his knowledge and creativity with daily practice.

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